The Dancing Donkey, 1988

War Dance

One day Forgiveness invited Love to dance.

Well, Love couldn’t just accept right away. First it had to arm itself to the teeth. Was all that war paint ever uncomfortable! Because of course Love was used to just going naked.

In full regalia, Love puffed itself up and puffed itself up until it barely knew who it was. But as luck would have it, when Love started to walk on tiptoe, it toppled over.

Forgiveness promptly took that as the first provocative step toward intimacy. So Forgiveness held out both hands to Love. Both feet too. At the same time–and with the very greatest elegance.

When they reached each other, they were so charged up that they not only melted together, they formed a complete circle. Became a wheel. And it’s still going round and round to this very day.

Translation: Susanna Nied